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MoonSun order conditions.
This applies only to the purchase in our online shop of private customers.
Business customers contact us at info@moonsun.se to get agreement and information.

The company:
MoonSun AB
Orgnr: 556734-9989
Phone: 08-228898, e-post:info@moonsun.se
For our opening hours see www.moonsun.se
The company’s support and availability

We will answer your question within 48 hours after the request has been sent in (this only applies to questions regarding actual purchases or orders and during work days).

The consumers right to help

As a customer you always have the right to turn directly to MoonSun AB for help with reclamations, withdrawal or other questions concerning your purchase or order even if the company it self does not supply the actual item since we are retailers for other products.

The product and total costs

The total cost includes VAT and shipping costs à 150 SEK. If there are specific offerings with a time limit we will specify during which period of time this is valid. We reserve the right to the item is out of stock or possible changes in price.
Our products are intended for external use only. The customer / consumer, are responsible for its use of the products purchased on our webshop

Payment and delivery

Card payments associated with the order. Your order will be sent 3-5 days after the payment has been registered with MoonSun. If the company cannot deliver within this time, the consumer shall immediately be notified about the reason for the delay and get a new date for delivery. The consumer then has the right to cancel the purchase without any cost.


The consumer always has the right to regain their money within 30 days, if the consumer cancels the purchase, from the day when the company receives the message. If the company makes a re-delivery or error remedial at the time of a reclamation shipping costs are re paid within 30 days from the day the company receives the item returned.


When you buy an item, you have according to the “distans/hemköpslagen” the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days, only applies within Sweden. If you regret the purchase, you have to pay for the return cost. The item then should not have been used or damaged.  Non-sealed items cannot be changed. If the refund should be made to a bank account, MoonSun needs your bank listings and a account number. The refund is made as soon as possible.
Claiming warranty and the sellers guarantee. Purchasing in our webshop. Note that the goods shall be sealed to a repurchase can be made. You must write it in your order.

The consumer has the right to reclaim an item or a service if the items or the service qualities are not as agreed upon or if this does not abide by the law. If you need to reclaim a purchased item you should as soon as possible let us know the reason and return the item in order. We then also pay for the shipping cost. When handling refunds we utilize “Konsumentköpslagen”. Contact information see “1. Listings”.


A product is accompanied by an instruction of use either in a physical form or in a digital form that the consumer needs in order for using the product. This manual is often in Swedish but can be in English as well.
Selling to minors

If you are under age (under the age of 18 years old), you need to have a guardian’s approval before you can purchase.

Financial security

The company can present a financial stability and good credibility.
Secure payments/PLU

If the company or an externally located partner is handling card information at direct payments, they should fulfill the requirements of PCI DSS. Furthermore the company handling this information should use a technique that identifies the cardholder. If the company stores personal information, the consumer should consent to this, the personal information shall be stored so that they are protected from external parties/threats and should be handled according to PUL. MoonSun is utilizing the platform Jetshop and DIBS payment exchange/PSP/Techical supplier and SEB.

Force Majeure

MoonSun AB is not responsible for measure or damage which depends on Swedish or foreign law, Swedish or foreign authorities measures, war, strike, blockage, boycott, lockout, deficiency or delay in the energy supply, deficiency or delay in telephone lines or other communication or other similar circumstances. The proviso for a strike, blockage, boycott or lockout is effective even if MoonSun it self is the subject to or is taking such measures for a conflict. MoonSuns responsibilities of ordering and supply conditions occurs even in cases of unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond Moonsun have no influence and whose consequences would have been impossible to avert despite all efforts.


In addition to above terms, we also follow the Swedish law.