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Mia & Jenny

Photo: Bea Lundborg.


Hi there all of you, wonderful people,

We would like to thank you for the past year with great humbleness and love. There are no words to describe how happy we are to be able to share with you what we believe is the skin care of the future. Not only because Moonsun Organic of Sweden give the skin, - our biggest organ, balance, luster, love but our label also contribute to sustainable consumption of cosmetics.

From the very beginning of our journey we decided that there must be a way to combine environmental thinking with beauty, without having to jump on the bandwagon of the conventional cosmetic industry and its message: mass production. Lots of products for daytime use and even more products for the evening. On top of that, every family member is supposed to have different products for their different ages and sexes?! It’s time to see through those old out-of-date salesman tricks isn’t it !

We believe that if you have knowledge about raw materials and their effect on skin, your products will be satisfying for the skin without any need to complete with more products. The whole family should be able to use basically the same skin care line. This is how we can reduce packaging waste, and reduce the use of water and energy when manufacturing products. So, when using our multifunctional skin care line, you not only get a nice skin, balance and long-term result, but you also become a bit of an environmental hero.

During the year, we have received lots of mails and calls from satisfied customers and retailers. When we’ve been out demonstrating our products, the feedback from customers have been incredible. All of this make us want to continue working with spreading what we think is holistic skin care. Or perhaps we should call it a love for all living things?

We think that it’s about time that beauty parlors become more environmentally aware and start REDUCING the use of products and packaging. A skin care treatment is not about many products first being applied and then removed, a treatment should consist of quality and respect for the environment. We all must understand how important it is to reduce water consumption. In Sweden for example, we have an alarmingly low groundwater level and some counties are now considering water rations.

We can’t close our eyes any longer. We who work in the cosmetic industry must take serious responsibility without allowing money and the green trend becoming our guiding star. We must not think that we automatically become environmentally heroes just because we work with natural ingredients.

Our philosophy - thoughts on holistic natural cosmetics

We as human beings have been using the health-giving and healing powers of nature since day one. We are part of nature and nature is part of us. "Love Your skin." Moonsun Organic of Sweden is a holistic, unisex line of beauty products created by Mia Skaug and Jenny Svärdendahl.

Our purpose is to attain beauty with products that are sustainable for both human beings and mother nature. Pure happiness for the body and soul. For maximum effect our lovely products are filled with aroma therapy.

With a perfect combination of carefully selected high quality ingredients, we offer a great organic skin care line that consists of high class and multifunctional products scented with a natural wonderful fragrance. Our extensive knowledge about the skin and the human being from a holistic perspective have resulted in products that work effectively in the mental as well as the physical parts of the human being.

We have created a range of products that mirrors our working methods as aroma therapists, holistic- and natural cosmetic skin- and body therapists and mindfulness therapists.

The idea with our line of beauty products is to open the door to the therapeutic cabinet of nature. We want people to be part of the ancient wisdom of the therapeutic properties of plants.


In 2011 we gave our loving line of beauty products the work-name:” Love your skin”. The reason is we think the skin deserves only the best, most loving and most environmentally friendly products. Pure, honest skincare at is best. Beauty attained with products that are sustainable for both human beings and the planet we inhibit.

In 2004, after we had finished our educations in holistic/natural cosmetic therapy and aroma therapy we started Moonsun - the first natural cosmetic parlor ever in Stockholm. Our experience from working as therapists is the foundation for the products we’ve created. We have been working with skin treatments for over 10 years. Most of the ingredients that create the formula in Moonsun Organic of Sweden products are chosen from the experience of meeting and treating clients with different skin types and different skin problems.

Unisex skin care for everyone

The right dosage and the right ingredients plus our knowledge make this skincare range suitable for most skin types, for women and men and it’ s incredibly climate friendly.

Moonsun and the environment

Working with natural cosmetics means working in a holistic way, in other words working in tune with nature. We sow, reap and produce products without any chemicals that cause environmental stress and make your skin care products a chemical time bomb.

In fact, we would like to call natural cosmetics the true luxury, since you pay for pure ingredients, not mass produced cosmetics that cause environmental stress and destroy our health. Our product line and ingredients are of course not tested on animals and all our products are vegan except from Beeswax Body Oil that contains beeswax!!!

One product, multiple uses

Our products are created for practically all different skin types, ages and people with problem skin like acne, rosacea for example. The foundation for our product line is our experience from working as natural cosmetic therapists with our own establishment. During our years in the beauty business we have marveled over the huge consumption of beauty products with different benefits. Our opinion is that the difference between for example hand-, foot- and body cream many times is not that striking. We are convinced that a well formulated natural cosmetic product can provide multiple uses.

For example, our nourishing facial products can also be used around eyes, and our body products can be used as nourishing foot- and hand cream.

Our range of products is based on carefully selected raw materials and aroma therapy and this makes the line adaptogen, which means that our products adapt after a person’s skin type. This explains why our product line is suitable for both men and women, from early teens to aging skin, for daytime as well as night time. Our products are created with all our knowledge and experience as aroma- and natural cosmetic therapists and we are very proud of our work.


Most of the certifications of today do not live up to the requirements we seek. Some of them only require a small percentage of organic raw material and are even allowed to contain more or less synthetic- /non-organic substances and synthetic fragrances. The raw materials we choose in our manufacturing have the highest possible level of organic origin with certifications like KRAV, BDIH.

Certification for our final product is not an option for us as of now. We work with people and companies we trust, people with their heart in the right place, people with whom we share our vision. Without an environment that is healthy there is no life.

Skin balance and harmony in the soul

Life is important to us, and that’s the reason why we work so hard with Moonsun. We want to share all the knowledge we have accumulated and practiced during all those years and we do so by providing advice, tips and knowledge with private persons, in books and media. We have extensive knowledge and many people want our expertise. This makes us happy!

For us, happiness is being able to help people feel as good as possible during their time here on earth. We want to mediate how to care about your skin, body, soul and environment. You get all of those things when using Moonsun Organic of Sweden. Simple as that.

For us this is no trend, no competition, no becoming "famous in the green world".

To us natural cosmetics means taking a heartfelt stand for a healthy green future, a desire to do as much as we can so that generations after us will be able to enjoy the world.

We have created our product line in treatments, we have seen good results on the skin, we know our ingredients and we work with quality instead of quantity.

The most luxurious thing you can use on your body is Moonsun Organic of Sweden, if we may say so ourselves. Our product line creates a balanced skin and harmony in the soul.

Moonsun products can be used from early teens to mature age, by men and women, daytime as well as night time. A whole family can use the same Moonsun Organic of Sweden products, which means less packaging waste and sustainable consumption.

Peace and love in the world starts with peace and love in your heart.

Aroma therapy

Our product line is based on aroma therapy which means that essential oils constitute a large part of our ingredients. This is not always suitable for sensitive skin, people who are sensitive to the aroma scent, or people who simply doesn’t like the fragrance. Aroma therapy has activating properties on cell level in psychological and physical parts of the body.

We have been working as aroma therapists for 10 years and we totally love the natural scents from nature. Happy love in a bottle. We use to call it “the invisible psychologist” who can fix the soul and the mind. Aroma therapy brings you harmony and makes you feel safe, happy and kind. A true health treatment for the entire body.

The guidance when we selected the essential- and vegetable oils for our 10 products have been our long experience and knowledge within aroma therapy.

With the correct dosage of these raw materials you’ll get a glowing skin, body and soul.

The term aroma therapy is nothing new. French chemist named Gatefossè invented the term 1928. We recommend never experiment with essential oils on your own. Make an appointment with an authorized aroma therapist. Performing aroma therapy requires professional training and knowledge.

Aroma therapy is meant for the wellbeing of people, but may cause harm when performed by someone who is not trained.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Our packages have the best environmental classification for pet bottles. Naturally, they are recyclable.

We use bottle caps instead of pumps to reduce plastic consumption as much as possible, and to make it easier to use all the content.

This is how our thinking goes: Simple, smart environmentally friendly packages, after all is the content you are supposed to pay for, not the packaging.

Our work is holistic. We work hard for achieving sustainable consumption within the cosmetic industry.

Holistic natural cosmetics

Holistic natural cosmetics is characterized by renewable raw materials that are grown and harvested/produced in an environmentally friendly way for the human being and the nature. Holistic natural cosmetics is based on therapeutic cold pressed vegetable oils, therapeutic essential oils and herbs. All ingredients have different properties and that is why knowledge about safe dosage and mixing is needed. Applying oils on the physical body means fragrance molecules are transported via the lungs and the blood system.

New knowledge and guidelines about raw materials and packages are constantly presented. It’s a tough one but we’re trying our very best to be one step ahead.

We’re constantly striving to make sure our range of products are environmentally friendly and keep a good, safe quality with all the resources we have in Sweden. Our line of products is quality assured according EU standards.

Natural cosmetic skin care products contain living matter which means that the products are sensitive for contact with water and oxygen for example. Our product lasts for six months from when the package is opened, less time if the bottle cap is removed and the content get in touch with water or fingers. We assure you the product does not contain chemicals and dead matters.

We have selected the purest raw materials there is at present.

Fragrance and color differ from package to package because we work with natural raw materials. Some days we find the scent of our vegetable- and essential oils stronger than other days. This is the way holistic natural cosmetics works. We can’t master the raw materials that we use because they are determined by the climate, sunshine, rain, cold weather etc. The scent may vary but the therapeutic property and quality is always the same.

To attain a healthy and glowing skin

During our years working as active therapists, a natural part of our job was to give advice on healthy eating and good supplements like vitamins, minerals, fatty acids. To attain healthy glowing skin you need to listen to your body, eat healthy, get enough sleep, drink clean water, use pure skin care (for example Moonsun Organic of Sweden) exercise and laugh a lot ;-) Also hang out with people that fill your life with happiness and confidence.

Moonsun offers a line of skin care products that give the skin, soul and mind a lovely feeling and a sustainable result.

The reason why we don’t use a catalog or business cards

We’ve decided to stick to a simple information sheet and no catalog. Producing a catalog that people probably would throw in the bin in no time would be an enormous waste of the planet’s resources, a waste of trees, water, energy. We must go against the flow when it comes to the enormous waste catalogs represents. Today, most people have access to smartphones/computer. We hope to reach out through our web page, facebook, twitter, instagram.

For further information about us, our business and our products, visit our webpage.

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Photo: Beatrice Lundborg Graphic design: Eva Johansson